Ambientarrrt combines art, fashion, dance, music, ecology and education, seeking to adapt current human consumerism to environmentally sustainable designs, through strategic alliances with other sectors of society, including: plastic artists, designers and musicians, who supported by a team of specialized technicians and scientists of recognized trajectory, join efforts and a lot of creativity to develop mechanisms aimed at sensitizing the population about the problems facing the planet in terms of conservation and sustainable use, opening the way to new management systems and innovative works of art (clothing and accessories made mainly from waste that are not commonly reused), presenting these actions in attractive and unique shows that have given very satisfactory results in terms of motivation, reflection and environmental analysis in the common citizen.

Framed within the principles of the 3Rs of ecology: "reduce, reuse and recycle", the "ambientarrrt" program consists of carrying through different artistic manifestations, the conservationist message, with the purpose of generating a change of behavior in as many people as possible who understand the potential importance of applying these principles as an individual contribution to the protection of our planet. We talk about the challenge aimed at understanding and disseminating, that the conflict of environmental impact will always be present in the field of human behavior and the issue is, find different and suitable answers, to solve this type of conflict.