Environmental and government organizations said "NO to the mining arch"

Last Thursday, June 30, the 1st Ecosocialist Congress was held at the "Carlos Escarrá" Theater of PDVSA Guaraguao, chaired by the Vice Minister of MINEA, Siboney Tineo, and the Governor of the Anzoátegui State, Nelson Moreno, and more than 35 environmental organizations, including those that stood out: MAVEN, directed by Johan Paiva; INPARQUES, directed by Mariee Gil, the director of MINEA Anzoátegui Edgar Mata, MEVEN and FUNDACIÓN LA TORTUGA represented by Chelo Nogueira.

Second Cycle "Cinema and Good Environment".

The pleasant facilities of Fundación La Tortuga in Lechería, Anzoátegui State, received last Friday, March 18, the theturtlefoundation of Anzoátegui to enjoy the second installment of the FILM CYCLES called "CINEMA AND GOOD ENVIRONMENT", where five short films of the genre SUSPENSO made by students of the region were screened, and where they also took the opportunity to interact informally with the young filmmakers.

Presentation of the book "Conservation and Protection of Sea Turtles" in +books

Last Thursday, May 21, at the +Libros bookstore in the city of Lechería, the presentation of the book "Conservation and Protection of Sea Turtles" by Fundación La Tortuga and edited by Fundación Empresas Polar took place, through the usual conversation that this bookstore holds every month, giving the Anzoatiguense community the opportunity to have a more direct contact with different authors and their works to encourage reading.

Earth Day 2015

With "The Earth takes the Urban Space", the event in honor of the planet began on April 23 at the headquarters of La Tortuga Foundation. A parade of living mannequins representing each terrestrial element (earth, water, air, and fire) paraded along Américo Vespucio Avenue, culminating the tour at the foundation’s facilities, where they were awaited by the theturtlefoundation present. The models belong to the Contemporary Dance Group "Movimiento Alternativo" from Guanta, Anzoátegui...

Earth Hour

Last Saturday, March 28th, Earth Hour 2015 was celebrated at the facilities of Fundación La Tortuga. Organized by the Movimiento Soy Verde UDO, this event featured the presentation of "Poética Tribal" dances and music of young local talents, who under the light of lit candles played to the delight of those present.

Wetlands for our future

Every February 2, World Wetlands Day is celebrated around the world, thanks to the Intergovernmental Treaty signed in the city of Ramsar (Iran) in 1971, which provides the framework for the conservation and wise use of these natural or non-natural areas.