Sanitation Days

Hidrocaribe in the voice of its president gives the green light for the start of the plant project to treat wastewater that will irrigate our Virgen del Valle Park

The President of Hidrocaribe Wimer Moreno received us at the Water Technical Table 1 and 2 of the El Morro tourist complex, with Fundación La Tortuga at the main offices of the hydrological area in the Municipal Avenue of Puerto La Cruz. We are going there with the intention of requesting your cooperation and performance to find an adequate environmental response to the problem that we have been facing for several years with the overflow of sewage into the channels of the El Morro Tourist Complex. . Unfortunately, sewage pumping stations are designed to overflow into the canals, given their state and how difficult their maintenance has been, there are constant discharges of pollutants into the canals where thousands of people live. We need a plant to treat sewage!

World Beach Day 2021 Celebrated

More than 150 volunteers from Coca-Cola FEMSA, NGOs and tour operators collected 2 tons of waste, within the framework of Red por el Planeta; sustainability program promoted by the bottler of Mexican origin, which transforms waste into resources. The work was felt on several beaches in the country.